Why Civil Credit Solutions?

It’s What We Do

For over 12 years the collectors at Civil Credit Solutions has collected past-due accounts, and protected reputations while doing so.

But we consider ourselves more than just your Credit & Collection partners. We’re your team.

Before any agreements are made, we engage with you to discover your business objectives both including, and apart from, getting paid. Then, we custom fit your Credit & Collections plan to meet those needs.

It’s Who We Are

Civil Credit Solutions is a family owned and operated business, based in Edmonton, Alberta. When siblings Joe Dunford and Mary C. Dunford discovered a shared enthusiasm for Credit & Collections the company was born.

It’s Our Philosophy

We believe in fair and timely compensation for products sold, and services rendered: that consumers and companies should honour the terms of their agreements.

We also know that life doesn’t always turn out as expected.

Therefore, we strive to anticipate for every possible outcome, and find solutions to the unexpected.

We aim to prevent and resolve debt, not belittle those who owe money.

It’s Our Approach

We use several technologies to ensure invoices are paid, and everyone’s information is secure.

Collection Agency Services

Our proprietary software allows for predictive and automated dialing, pre-programmed and custom letter and email services, text and social media messaging, data import and export, account matching, efficiency tracking, status and payment reporting, batch processing, and audit preparation. Accounts are updated immediately to credit reporting agencies. Status and payment reports are both scheduled, and available on demand.

Moreover, we always record our calls to ensure highest quality service.

Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

We work with you to customize your Credit & Collections Policies and Procedures. We then utilize your choice of invoicing software, and link it with our proprietary Credit & Collections software to ensure invoices are paid on time, every time. Credit reporting services are also available.

Every Service

Customer Service is not just a term for us. We treat every client like they are our only client.

We also value your information, and your customers’ information. Our website is encrypted with the latest SSL Certificate, is monitored for malware and attacks, and is protected by a firewall. Moreover, all information is backed up, and stored off-site.

And above everything, we always match the rates of our competitors.

Here are some things to consider when selecting a collection agency…

Do you have an image and reputation to maintain? We become an extension of that.

Do you require minimum collected amounts each month to maintain cashflow? Though our aim is to always collect on every account as quickly as possible, this helps outline our strategy.

Do you want your clients to come back on service after the debt is paid? We liaise with your past-due customers to potentially return to your active accounts.


…And a few questions to ask when choosing an Accounts Receivable Source or Credit & Collections Specialist

Are your Credit & Collections Policies & Procedures fully integrated with your Sales and Customer Service departments? If incorporated correctly, your Credit & Collections Department can become a great sales and customer service tool. Let us show you how.

Are your invoices automated to send to each customer in the easiest, and most economical, fashion available? Sending invoices by mail, or by hand, can be costly, and sometimes ineffective. We analyze your current invoicing methods and provide more efficient alternatives.

Are your accounts receivable being paid on time, every time? If not, we’ll find out why. Then we’ll work with you to construct a plan to address this.

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We are always here to help.