Creditor Questions (Those who are owed money)

Why are your fees not listed on your website?

Civil Credit Solutions tailor fits every service to your needs. Our pricing is no exception. We negotiate our rates with your priorities in mind. We are, however, highly competitive in our rates in all cases.

What kind of service guarantees do you provide?

Each service comes with guarantees built into your unique agreement. We also extend trial offers for services such as Collection Agency Services, and Accounts Receivables Outsourcing.  Please Contact Us with your concerns. We look forward to putting your mind at ease.

Do you go to court?

We do. When all efforts at negotiation have been lost, we will, with your approval, initiate legal action. As our name suggests, we are no strangers to civil court. And we use every tool in our arsenal to collect on legal files.

How often do you report to your customers?

Calls and emails are always returned promptly. However, we also report regularly on our files. We update clients on the status of Collection accounts at least once per month. Accounts Receivable Outsourcing accounts are reported on a weekly basis. And Credit & Collection Consulting reports are provided with each milestone. If you would like further details please feel free to Contact Us. We would be happy to furnish you with details.

Debtor Questions (Those who owe money)

I have an unresolved balance. How can I clear this up?

We offer a variety of online and offline choices to help resolve your balance. Simply give us a call and we’ll arrange it for you. We’re really quite pleasant to deal with. You’ll see.

Finances are tight. What are my options?

We know life throws curve-balls sometimes. Give us a call. The number is at the bottom of the screen. Let’s see if we can resolve this balance without affecting your other bills, or your credit. You never know. We might surprise you.

Why can’t I make a payment through your website?

We are working to make this option available.  In the meantime, give us a call. The number is at the bottom of the screen. We offer many online choices to clear your balance. These choices include PayPal, Interac E-Transfer, and more.

I’ve been served with a Plaintiff’s Claim. How should I handle this?

There are a number of options available when this happens. But we still hope you will reach out to us. Our aim isn’t to ruin your credit, to garnishee your wages, or to seize your assets. We just want to get the matter cleared up. Give us a call. The number is at the bottom of the screen. There is still time to resolve this without it affecting the next several years of your life.

I have been denied credit until I clear this balance. Can you help me?

Absolutely! Once balances are resolved we notify credit reporting agencies immediately. And, upon request, we will provide a letter along with your receipt to confirm the matter is ended. Please give us a call. The number is at the bottom of the screen. We look forward to helping you.

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